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Law and the Multiverse

I’ve often considered posting on these kinds of topics. Fortunately, now that I know this site exists (thanks to my husband), I don’t have to!

Law and the Multiverse basically talks about the legal implications of various sf/f relationships, happenings, realities and phenomena in the context of US law. So for instance, there’s a post on the legalities of marrying djinn (I Dream of Jeannieor denizens of the planet Krypton. It’s actually the kind of thing I wonder about sometimes, while watching an sf/f film or reading a genre novel–how would that actually work, at law? Looper, for instance, is a good recent example of that. And, apparently, it’s Christmas in October, because there are actually two posts on the topic. You might not agree with all of the analyses/applications of the law to the concepts (and indeed, the differences in jurisdictional law can also lead to different conclusions)–but these and other such posts are a fun jumping off point for discussion.

This site basically a sort of ideal convergence for those of us who love sf/f and are fascinated by the law, in particular its application to various non-typical or outlier scenarios.


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