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Self-described Witch relinquishes Outlaw’s Skull

This sounds more like something out of Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow than current events, but I couldn’t resist, as it provided a little reminder of how truly strange the world can be, amid grim reports of unrest and tragedy.

“Self-described witch” Anna Hoffman, a New Zealander, claims to have been given the skull of one of Australia’s most notorious outlaws by a security guard some 30 years ago, when she was vacationing in Melbourne. The legalities of the transaction itself notwithstanding–one imagines the kinds of questions that border guards would ask these days–the mention of Australia’s wild west also intrigues me from a law and order perspective. I find it fascinating that one need but reach back a little ways into history to find that the the administrative state, with its enforcement mechanisms and investigative technologies–which at some level we take so deeply for granted–are all new inventions.

The cracks through which criminals could slip through (not to mention those who would steal their skulls) were that much wider, back in the day, when the trappings of anything resembling what we’d consider law and order were tenuous at best.

Ned Kelly’s Skull Reportedly Found


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